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 Based in and from the Cardiff area, I am soon to graduate from Royal Welsh College of Music  and Drama with a degree in Design for Performance.

When it comes to my work, I am drawn to texture and depth. The variety created by the relationship between colour and material fascinates me. I aim for individuality and distinctive vibrancy when designing for character. Through my passion for collage and screen printing, my work holds a clear graphic quality. Sharing my work, whether it be through performance, clothing, street art, AR or on-screen is important to me and is something I enjoy exploring.

I am willing, enthusiastic, hardworking and a keen problem solver. My skills are suited to the sometimes stressful environment of television production and proven myself capable of taking initiative on set. I enjoy the logistical side of costume and find that management and organization come naturally to me. I am experienced with dressing performers and maintaining difficult costumes throughout a shoot as well as performing checks and watching monitors. I value diligence and efficiency when working, but also appreciate taking time to get things right. I am passionate about the industry and love working within a team.

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